As heart-centered business owners we are expected to LOVE our business all the time, but that’s just not true or realistic for most of us.

In my almost 10-year relationship with my biz, we’ve been through many ups & downs.

Some days it feels like we are meant for each other. I feel connected, aligned, on purpose and in the flow of things.

Other times it feels like a struggle. Out of sync. Frustrated. Swimming upstream.Most of the time, it’s just a passing thing. Other times that feeling persists.

When that happens I’m forced to hit the pause button and take stock. I ask my self some tough questions.

Is it me or “them”?

Perhaps I need to take better care of myself? Maybe I’m blaming my business for some of my stuff? Maybe I need to reach out and get some coaching/support to help me overcome some of my mental chatter.

What can I do differently? Are there any small tweaks I can make – or do I have to change directions altogether?

What works for me is stepping away (even for a couple of days) for some perspective. Talking to a trusted friend/advisor. Taking time to re-connect with my business and my WHY. Do more of the stuff that I love and enjoy – look for ways to delegate the rest.

Whatever unfolds, I need to remain curious, open and very patient.

How about you?

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