As a visibility strategist, I work with business owners who are looking to amplify their message and build a tribe of raving fans so that they can create an impact and reach their goals. I deal with many business owners who are stuck and sense that their magic isn’t being communicated so they have a hard time standing out and differentiating themselves when connecting with their ideas clients. They end up feeling frustrated, depleted and defeated. Not fun.

So how do you respond when all you’re getting is…crickets? When no one is signing up for your offers, products or services?

Here are some common reactions among the people I’ve come across – perhaps you can relate to some of these.

Try Harder – things aren’t working out so great so you decide you’re going to do more. Perhaps you…

  • Post more on social media
  • Hire an assistant/VA
  • Outsource your social media
  • Attend more networking events
  • Invest in programs, courses, training
  • Upgrade systems
  • Spend money on new tools
  • Redo logo/website
  • Work more hours

Hide – perhaps maintaining a business-as-usual facade, still attending networking events and posting on social media – but there are no concrete calls to action, no offers, no hustle. You are not proactively seeking out opportunities to connect with prospects and look for ways to work with them. You recoil when you have to introduce yourself and tell others what you do.

Give Up – partially or entirely. Maybe change your business concept. Look for other opportunities to generate income.

Have you ever done any of the above? Perhaps all at some point or the other?

The thing is – before you spend another dime promoting your business, you need to make sure that the right foundation is in place. Otherwise you’ll be just flushing your hard-earned money down the toilet. Ouch.

One of the first things I do when I am working with someone is performing a social media audit. It’s a powerful assessment where I do a thorough intake to find out the goals, mission and vision the business owner has for themselves. Then I go through their website with a fine-comb as well as all the social media channels – and compare the messaging, look and feel, branding with what they’ve provided me looking for consistency and alignment.

Sounds simple but it’s oh-so-powerful. Sometimes we are too involved with the business to see the forest from the trees. That’s why it’s important to have a more objective third-party, like myself, do this analysis and look for the inconsistencies and potential issues that might be causing the problem.

How to Solve Your Visibility Challenge

  • If there is a disconnect between the mission/vision/why and the brand messaging – no amount of additional investment, extra effort and new tools will help you move forward. If that’s the case – then you might need to go back and do some work to figure out where the misalignment is stemming for and look for ways to bring it all together. Perhaps your messaging is off. Maybe your colours and tone aren’t communicating your brand effectively. It could also be that you’re picking the wrong social media platforms to connect with your tribe. There are so many areas you can tweak to help bring everything together.
  • Oftentimes, things seem completely aligned and consistent – and yet the overwhelming tendency is still to hide and not fully put themselves out there. That’s usually a sign that there might be some mindset issues at play here. When we are dealing with a block about our worthiness, confidence in ability to stand out and speak up, then perhaps the right thing to do is shift the focus on doing some healing work around those issues first.
  • If there is good brand alignment with no serious mindset blocks – yet still some difficulties with gaining traction, then perhaps it’s a good idea to look into hiring additional support, investing in new tools, ramping up your efforts in terms of more marketing, networking, social media engagement, etc.

When it comes to your visibility, always think alignment & consistency. Rinse and repeat.

I hope that this provides you with some insights on where your potential visibility issues might be – and how to go about identifying and also addressing them so that you can put yourself out there in a more powerful way, communicate your magic to your tribe, make a big impact, create a life that you love and feel fabulous!!!


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