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What I stand for

I stand for truth ..telling it, sharing it, seeking it, living it.   I stand for freedom ...to speak, to do and be who we are.   I stand for living with intention… ...one moment at a time, with full awareness.   I stand for realness… ...no sugar-coating or bypassing....

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Showing Up

I get it. You're not sure if you have what it takes. You're scared of what others might think of you. You'd rather wait until you're ready. You want things to be perfect. Here's what I say to you... I see you. I hear you. You matter. Done is better than...

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Calling out my tribe

Today I call in inspired women who want to show up powerfully and authentically in life and business. ? Women who are soulful, conscious but not too woo-woo. They are dreamers but also grounded. They feel deeply but are not flakey. Strong but not hard. Soft but not...

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Visibility vs. Ability

You might be the best at what you do - but if you don't show up and let others know how you can serve them, then you'll remain stuck and frustrated in your business. And that's just sad. You deserve better. Let me remind you once again... Visibility does...

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Who are you going to listen to?

There’s TONS of advice out there… What to do and what not to do. In your business and in your life. Every teacher and coach has a different perspective. No one has THE answer. Yet sometimes – especially when we are feeling a bit lost and overwhelmed – We...

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